Your own Corporate Identity & Custom Development Video Platform

Full personalization

Nothing beats security-by-design and privacy-by-default face-to-face video meetings allowing more personal conversations.For example in your own house style and with your company logo. This is possible because Session.Systems has been developed completely in-house.

Session.Systems SDK

Would you like to have your own look and feel for your own video meeting platform, with the lowest possible implementation time, high reliability and unparalleled privacy. With the Session.Systems SDKs (Software Development Kits) you can easily create a scalable video conferencing platform.

Session.Systems API’s

Do you wish to integrate Session.Systems technology within your existing mobile or web environments. Determine your security level and objectives, we provide you with the easy to implement technology.

Security and Privacy by Design

In addition to super clear speech and high-quality image, Session.Systems is complete privacy and security by design. Fully AVG proof and end-to-end encrypted. Ask for the portfolio that uses the Session.Systems technology.