Coffee Break @ Coffee Spaces.

GDPR-compliance informal digital Coffee Breaks

More mutual trust leads to greater involvement in the company and thus to a greater sense of responsibility.


More responsibility = better performance.


The best sparring moments and decisions generally come up during a coffee break. The atmosphere is relaxed and then people get the best ideas for solutions.

Physical vs Digital "Coffee Breaks"

During physical coffee breaks, the problems in the department were often discussed informally and then resolved. People get closer and are more forgiving. This applies to both business and private problems.


Unfortunately, this is no longer possible and it will no longer be the same for a long time.


An online “Coffee Break” within the Coffee Spaces can have the same effect.

Personal attention is essential for collaboration inside teams

Colleagues compliment each other and that makes a person grow, which in turn has an effect on the functioning of a person. So the employer also has an indirect positive effect from this.


Personal contact also prevents possible miscommunication. People often “think” they know what someone else thinks and means, but nothing could be further from the truth. People often fill in thoughts and wishes for someone else. But knowing is measuring. Personal communication is essential.

More room for innovative ideas!

The informal nature of a “Coffee Break” invites you to talk about things other than regular work. In this way there is more room for innovative ideas or to think out-of-the-box and exchange ideas. This is how often the best ideas are born.


Fully interoperable, so everyone can participate!