GDPR-Proof & Privacy Protection

Control over your data and information

For organizations that want to keep control over their own data and information; and who want to protect customer data and internal data, Session.Systems is the right solution as the entire platform can operate on-premise.

GDPR Proof with PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment)

With this PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment), it is visible to the user how the processes of Session.Systems affect or could damage the privacy of the participants whose data it holds, collects or processes.

Minimal user data

In contrast to other providers, Session.Systems has a strict GDPR and privacy policy in which it stores and collects as little information as possible. Never ever will data be traded or shared with third parties.

Closed networks and meeting management

The users can set their own identity and log in with their username. Only trusted users, as well as secured network participants, will be able to view their data within networks and meetings.