Communication Encryption

End-to-End encryption and performance

To keep the performance as high as possible, with as little latency as possible, 256-bit AES end-to-end data-in-transfer encryption was chosen. With Session.Systems, all communication is always end-to-end encrypted.

Privacy by Design

Session.Systems respects the privacy of your users and your organization. Session.Systems stores very limited personal information about our authenticated meeting participants, such as name and email address.

256-AES audio and video data

All data at rest and internal data in motion audio and video data are encrypted with mil-grade AES encryption. To protect all user data within the servers as much as possible.

Security by Design and on-premise hosting

Session.Systems does not use real-time data solutions hosted by the major cloud providers which profit is made on the collected data. Session.Systems was developed entirely in-house in the Netherlands on security by design architecture.